Regulation and the Rise of Housing Prices in Greater Boston: A study based on new data from 187 communities in eastern Massachusetts

By Edward L. Glaeser, Jenny Schuetz and Bryce Ward
Harvard University
January 2006

Analysis demonstrating that municipal land-use restrictions have affected housing production and prices in the region.

Reference Guide to Residential Land-Use Regulation in Eastern Massachusetts:
A study of 187 communities

By Amy Dain
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
January 2006

An overview of local zoning, subdivision, wetlands and septic regulations in 187 communities. Includes detailed descriptions of the regulations and aggregations of how many communities have adopted which regulations.

Getting Home: Overcoming Barriers to Housing in Greater Boston

By Charles C. Euchner
Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston
Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
January 2003

Detailed analysis of state and local building codes, zoning requirements, and other regulatory policies and processes in Massachusetts that have hampered construction and raised costs of housing, contributing to the housing crisis in Greater Boston.